Our Walden Floral LA team sets up an area for you and your guests to come and enjoy their very own flower crown, mini bouquet and/or potted succulent. The client (aka you!) and our team pick out the flowers prior to the event for everyone to enjoy. Guests love wearing these trendy and beautiful flower crowns, building mini bouquets, and/or potted succulents to not only enjoy throughout the night, but to also take home with them. Our flower crowns also make for the greatest photo ops throughout your event! 


Flower Crown Bar

For your guests to enjoy their very own flower crown throughout your event, and to take home!


Mini Bouquet Bar

 Send your guests home with their very own custom mini bouquet.


Mix and Match Bar

Send your guests home with a custom flower crown, mini bouquet, or potted succulent. The best kind of party favors!